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About Dark Web Hackers

We are a group of professional software engineers that have been providing ethical and unethical professional hacking services on-line since 2016. As Dark Web Hackers, we provide Email account password recovery, social media account hacking and mobile telephone intrusion services to individuals and businesses who have the coin to pay is for it. Hire a dark web hacker today.

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What can Dark Web Hackers
do for you?

A professional black hat hacker does anything a white hat or ethical hacker will not do. We'll access Gmail, Yahoo and MSN accounts, hack Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat or even get Signal and Whatsapp message logs. W'ell hack into iPhone and Android devices or hack into computers and servers.

Social Media Hacking

Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, TikTok, QQ, Sina Weibo, QZone, Signal and Twitter are the most common social media accounts that we'll hack into for you.

Email Account Hacking

You can hire a dark web hacker to access Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Yandex, Outlook, Hotmail, AOL and most iCloud servers too.

iPhone and Android Mobile Phone Hacking

Most cell phones are vulnerable to our professional technicians. We can infect the phones with special apps that allow you to view and edit the phone remotely or SIM swap the device and make it your on the provider's level. We even have the ability to by some 2FA security protocols.

Untraceable dark web hacker

Most customers would rather keep their business with us private. The easiest way to trace you to any hacker activity is through money transfers. That's why we do not accept Paypal, credit card or bank transfers.
All funds are in Bitcoin or Monero cryptocurrency. The easiest way to by and send Bitcoin is by going to your local Bitcoin ATM. Or, you can get a wallet and and join the crypto-space. Watch the movie to lean more.


As Dark Web or Black Hat hackers, our services vary greatly but the most common are outlines below.

Mobile Phones/

We can access iPhone and Android cell phone and provide you with remote access. We can also SIM swap the phone and redirect calls to you or a clone.

Social Media/

Our dark web hackers can access just about any social media platform, worldwide; including Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal and YouTube.


Lose your password? Let our dark web hackers recover lost passwords or access any email account or server anywhere.

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/Credit Report

We can modify US and Canadian TransUnion, Equifax and Experian agencies and help you get your life back together.


We can access many college and universities servers worldwide and modify grades, scores and transcripts.

/Custom Virus

We write customer viruses to suit your needs: Root Kits, Multipartite, RATs, Direct Action & Resident Viruses, Polymorphic and all variants of Ransomware. All programs tested for compatibly with your target.

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Our small group of highly skilled hackers has been providing quality discreet services since 2016. When you work with us, you can be sure that the job will get done correctly and your identity will remain anonymous..


We guarantee that we will complete the job you confide in us, protect your identify and erase all traces of our intrusions in whatever server we access. Nothing ever gets traced back to you.

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All Communications Encrypted

We will only communicate with you by encrypted Email
Never will we compromise your security by communicating with in in any other way.
No matter which operating system you use, we recommend that you always use Tor browser and a VPN.